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During Chemotherapy for cancer at the hospital, treatments to kill the cancer include bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants and organ transplants in order to rebuild the immune system with healthy blood cells to strengthen and rebuild organ functions. During the hospital stay and then for some time at home it is important to stay isolated from other people that may infect the patient with a number of different types of viruses or bacteria! The hospital room must be kept in a clean room environment until the person going through the Chemotherapy’s immune system can get a good start to rebuild itself.

Many hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers include a quality HEPA air purifier / HEPA air cleaner with a non-ozone producing (UV) ultraviolet light system in hospital rooms and patient waiting areas for people going through Chemotherapy and transplants.

It is important that the HEPA air purifier / HEPA air cleaner has a high air exchange rate per hour so it can quickly catch and destroy any virus, bacteria or mold spores quickly. A quality HEPA air purifier / HEPA air cleaner should be able to clean an average hospital room or bedroom space up to 12 times per hour. The HEPA air purifier / HEPA air cleaner should also contain multiple pounds of activated carbon-zeolite blend to absorb out-gassing chemicals that could be coming from carpeting, furniture or newer building materials in the room.

For the home It is important to purchase at least two high quality HEPA Air purifiers / HEPA air cleaners that include a NON OZONE producing (UV) Ultraviolet light system that will kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the two main living spaces where the most time is spent. We have found that the TRACS HEPA air purifier is the best HEPA air purifier with a UV light system on the market. Many hospitals use TRACS HEPA air purifiers to protect their patients with different types of cancer going through Chemotherapy, Stem Cell Transplants Bone Marrow Transplants and Organ Transplants.

The TRACS HEPA air purifier with ultraviolet (UV) light system is one hundred percent sealed so absolutely zero dust and contaminates can escape from around the HEPA filter or from the TRACS sealed steel case. Also, The TRACS HEPA air purifier holds an IMPORTANT patent on the ultraviolet light system design which includes aiming the ultraviolet (UV) lamps into the INTAKE SIDE OF THE HEPA FILTER, which is the only way it can properly work to kill any viruses, bacteria and mold spores on the surface of the HEPA filter! Most people will place one TRACS HEPA air purifier in their bedroom and one in the family room where they spend their time watching TV or listing to music. If work is done from the home in a home office another TRACS HEPA air purifier should be placed in the office space as well.


If you are going through a cancer treatment or know someone else that is and going through chemotherapy for a bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant or organ transplant and are in need of a quality HEPA air purifier / HEPA air cleaner with a (UV) ultraviolet light system, please check out the website for more information at