The environments on our planet are quickly becoming toxic and new threats are being discovered faster than science can deal with them! New strains of dangerous bacteria and viruses including the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, MERS-CoV virus also known as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, H1N1 Swine Flu virus, SARS, virus and the Avian Flu also known as the Bird Flu virus. New influenza pandemic viruses are popping up faster than new drugs, vaccines and sanitizers can be developed to kill or control them and new untested chemicals and known toxic chemicals are being put into our home furnishings and building materials only to outgas into our indoor air environment for our family’s and co-workers to breathe!

Don’t think that our United States Government agencies are always protecting us from these new strains of viruses, bacteria and toxic chemicals! THEY ARE NOT! And many thousands of people and animals are getting sick and even dying because of this lack of environmental control due to big business and the corruption that allows huge corporations to get away with pushing these dangerous and deadly toxins into our environment! The failing economy is greatly contributing to this problem because people have been purchasing cheaper building materials including Drywall made in China that have been found to be loaded with dangerous chemicals, some unknown in the USA that are causing horrible health problems!

If you think that the pollution in our outdoor environments including our air, ground soil and water is bad, you need to know that the concentrated chemicals in our indoor air quality (IAQ) including home and office environments are far more concentrated and MUCH WORSE! Know that the risks of getting sick from chemicals, bacteria, viruses and mold spores in indoor air environments are much greater then from the outdoors!

Important Ways To Protect Yourself, Family And Co Workers!

The new breed of HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers are not just for cleaning household dust and airborne allergens from Dust Mites and pet dander. Many of the higher quality HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers available now include medical grade non ozone producing germicidal UV, Ultraviolet light systems to kill airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores that lurk in our homes, buildings and crowded offices spaces. The higher quality HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers also include pounds of replaceable activated carbon to absorb the outgassing chemicals that come from building materials, home furnishing and carpeting. An average new home or an existing home with new carpeting will outgas a cocktail of toxic chemicals at a high rate for approximately three years and sometimes longer before the chemical outgassing reduces down to a safe level.

We have found that the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier / cleaner (Made In Canada) with UV ultraviolet light system with 18 pounds of activated carbon to be the best and most effective HEPA air purifier on the market. The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier/ cleaner has the patent design advantage of aiming the germicidal UV ultraviolet lights into all intake sides of the HEPA filter, killing viruses, bacteria and mold spores before they can penetrate into the units HEPA filter. Most people will place one HEPA UV air purifier / air cleaner in any needed occupied bedroom and one HEPA UV air purifier / air cleaner unit into the family room close to where people watch TV or hang out together. This allows people in the home to be able to have the benefit of breathing the cleanest air in both main living space with the best air purifier!

Older carpeting, rugs and even hard surface floors are loaded with dead human skin, bacteria and Dust Mite feces! Many older homes and buildings also include toxic deteriorated lead and asbestos dusts! Did you know that the great majority of vacuum cleaners on the market including HEPA filtered and water filtered vacuum cleaners spew these allergens and dangerous contaminates back into the air to breathe while vacuuming? This is why so many people feel sick during and after vacuuming their homes and offices! People and animals get sick while vacuuming because the public is not told that residential vacuum cleaners are not regulated to be totally sealed as they should be causing them to allow dangerous contaminates to blow past and around the HEPA filters and right through air gaps in the vacuum cleaners cases! We have found that the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner to be 100 percent totally sealed to prevent and all contaminates from escaping back into your indoor air! The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is sealed so well it will pass a zero laser particle test, which is required for vacuum cleaners used for lead and asbestos abatement and mold remediation

There are other important steps that can and should also be taken to limit your exposure to dangerous chemicals, bacteria and viruses especially during pandemic flu warnings. Some of these steps are keeping your hands; body, home and office space clean with antibacterial soaps and cleaners. In times when dangerous flu viruses are on the move, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and in your car and remember to use it after shopping in department stores and grocery stores, especially if you have handled a shopping cart that thousands of other people had their germ filled hands on. Don’t be embarrassed to wear a N95 rated respirator face mask in public or on a jet plane if you know that the Flu bug is active and spreading! Remember, you are not just protecting yourself; you are protecting your own family, friends coworkers and other people in the public.

It is our desire that this article will help you in your quest to live a more healthy life! For more information on quality HEPA UV air purifiers, UV HEPA air cleaners and sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners, see the website at or call us direct at 561-629-5618

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Barry Cohen —-Author