Did you know that the absolute key to keeping your furnace system or air conditioning system from breaking down is by upgrading the low quality disposable air filters that are included when you purchase your system?

The heating and air conditioning guy that sold and installed you system will never tell you this because that low quality 3-5 percent disposable air filter is the main reason he will be back to repair or service your furnace or air conditioning for the many years to come!

In fact that crappy fiberglass or the frameless cut to size hogs hair air filter that comes with your unit, you know the ones you keep replacing every few months or so for a dollar or two is your service companies free insurance policy to keep on and continue getting a nice piece of your hard earned income from service calls and repairs.

Grab one of these low quality air filters and take a good look at it! It’s less then an inch thick and you can almost see through its cheesy and small amount of fiberglass or hogs hair fibers.  How much dust, loaded with bacteria, pet dander and dustmite allergen is getting caught in your filter and how much is getting through your filter only to plug up the evaporator coil, blower motor and duct work in that air conveyance system you depend on to provide you and your family with clean air along with the heat and air conditioning that keeps everyone comfortable???

The answer is that these inexpensive low quality disposable 3-5 percent efficient air filters that you purchase at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store allow a whole lot of filthy, dirty air to go right through them and into your furnace or A/C system to clog them up and in time, cause damage while building up in your duct work only to blow back into your homes indoor air for your family to breathe and to react to often by developing allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory and immune problems!

Also did you know that the dust blowing out of your furnace or A/C system is the main cause for you expensive TV’s, stereo systems and electronics to break down or burn up? It’s easy to see this for yourself! Just pull your TV away from behind the wall and take a look inside!  I bet you will see a HUGE amount of dust caked into the back of your TV just sitting there like a time bomb waiting to build up to the point when it heats up and or shorts out a circuit board forcing you to spend another $500.00 or $1000.00 to purchase another TV!

 Some People Upgrade To 3M Filtrete Disposable Pleated Air Filters

After discovering how inefficient those 3-5 percent disposable fiberglass or hogs hair air filters really are many people go searching for a better air filter to protect their furnace or air conditioning system. The first thing they discover is the 3M Filtrete disposable pleated air filters.  YES! These Filtrete pleated air filters are far better then the much lower quality fiberglass or hogs hair filters.  Depending on the model Filtrete air filters are mostly between 40- and 50 percent efficient and this is without question a better choice! However the downside is that they will end up costing you around a hundred dollars every year or so and they like the fiberglass and hogs hair filters they will end up polluting a landfill with the other millions of pounds of disposable air filters that end up there every single year!

Your Best Choice Is To Purchase A Cleanable And Reusable 80-90 Percent Efficient Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filter With A Lifetime Guarantee! 

Here’s Why:

Quality self-charging electrostatic air filters are custom made to size to fit your furnace, air handler or air return. The frame of the filter is sturdy aluminum.

The filter material is a woven polypropylene fiber with a polypropylene sponge media in the middle. This material is antimicrobial so absolutely no bacteria or mold spores can grow on or inside of the filter material.

When the air pulls through the filter the polypropylene fibers become electrostaticly charged to grab small microns of dust and allergens into the filter at between 80-90 percent efficiently which is more then twice as efficient as the expensive Filtrete pleated air filters. A quality self charging electrostatic air filter will keep your air handler and ductwork clean for many years while providing a much more dust and allergen free environment for dust, allergy and asthma control.

To maintain these filters all you do is vacuum them off once a month and then every third month you first vacuum them off and then you back flush them off with a garden hose or in the shower. If there is any greasy dirt on the filter just spray the front side of the filter with 409, Fantastik or Simple Green cleaner-degreaser before back flushing off the filter with fresh water. After cleaning the filter, shake off the excess water and replace it into your heating or air conditioning system. The air coming back in will finish drying off the filter in a minute or two.

Quality self-charging electrostatic air filters include a lifetime guarantee because they will continue to clean your indoor air while lasting as long as your heating or air conditioning system is operating in your home or office.  A quality self-charging electrostatic air filter will cost approximately  $125.00 with free shipping. Not a bad investment considering that will help keep your heating or air condition system, ductwork and the indoor air quality of your home or office space clean of dust and allergens for many years to come!

It is our hope and desire that this report has been a great help to you in choosing a quality air filter for your home or office space. For more information on quality self charging electrostatic air filters, HEPA air cleaners, HEPA air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners see the website at https://www.aircleaners.com or for a FREE consultation call Barry Cohen The Owner Of The Company At Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.