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My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products. I am an indoor air quality (IAQ) expert and extremely knowledgeable in the field of HEPA air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners, HEPA vacuum cleaners and other quality products for dust, allergy and asthma control.

I have been a leader in the allergy control products industry selling high quality HEPA air purifiers, HEPA air cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners since 1989.  I love what I do for a living and it is very gratifying to be able to help each one of our thousands of customers choose the proper allergy products that will best fit their direct needs.

However there is one thing that always burns me up! This one thing is when manufacturers and dealers sell products that are not as advertised and do not live up to their bogus claims due to poor design problems!

I feel that one of these products and entire product line is the Blueair air purifiers! These Blueair air purifiers can be found in many well-known department stores, big box stores and select online allergy product store websites.

Others and myself feel that Blueair and the companies that sell them make many advertising claims that are not accurate or true. They advertise how great these purifiers are while boasting about their three HEPASilent air filters and electrostatic ionizer technology that provides high-test results with its (CADR) Clean Air Delivery Ratings from AHAM, which stands for the Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers.  Blueair also advertises about the advantage of their filter change indicator technology.

I will now explain the truth about what we feel Blueair and their dealers are not telling you.

The Blueair factory headquarters boast that these units are engineered in Sweden. This statement is written all over their product information pages and advertising! The Truth Is that almost all Blueair air purifier components, parts and cases areMADE IN ASIA And MOSTLY IN CHINA! With only some limited unit parts and assembly done in the USA Geesh!

The different models range from $299.99 to $899.99! This is extremely expensive for any air purifier with almost all of the parts Made In China!  If you add in the three pleated air filters that need to be replaced every 6 months or twice a year the future air filter replacement cost is very expensive for what we feel are lower quality air purifiers!

The three HEPASilent filters in the Blueair air purifiers ARE NOT REALLY HEPA FILTERS AT ALL! Blueair deceptively calls them HEPASilent to fool potential buyers into thinking that because of the name they are real HEPA filters. The truth is that they are not true HEPA filters. These are pleated air filters in cardboard frames that fit into two slots on two sides of the air purifier and one pleated filter that is made to fit across the top of the unit.

I have personally tested some of the Blueair units and I discovered that the slots that hold the pleated air filters have air gaps in them which allows air to bypass around all three of the pleated air filters and back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to again. The factory wants Blueair air purifier owners to replace a set of these three pleated air filters once every six months or twice a year for up to $79.95 per set. This could cost you $159.90 per year and $799.50 in filter replacement cost plus shipping costs for the next five years of operation. That is providing that their price does not go up! The five years of filter replacement cost is more money then what most of the units cost to purchase in the first place.

Blueair advertised how great the electrostatic ionizer is in their air purifiers. They claim that it helps to clean the dusty air and allergens out of the room while bringing more debris to the filters! They are right and its does! However what they don’t tell you is that by including an ionizer in their air purifiers the ionizer will also blow negative ions into the air of the room that the machine is operating in. The negative ions will attach to the floating dust and allergens in the air of the room and drop the dust and allergens out of suspension and onto your furniture; floors counter tops and even onto you and your children’s beds! Also the negative ions being produced by the Blueair air purifiers are dropping a percentage of the dust and allergens out of the air before they can get to the filters of the air purifier itself.

Others and myself believe that this is the reason for the high CADR ratings the Blueair air purifiers are getting from AHAM which tests their own PAID members products while promoting them! We believe that AHAM is mostly a marketing club that companies like Blueair and others in the appliance industry join and pay many thousands of dollars a year plus a hefty percentage of their yearly sales earnings to be promoted by AHAM while getting that pretty gold seal stating that their products have past all AHAM requirements!

Next is the filter replacement indicator, extended warranty and filter auto ship program! Any honest air purifier or air cleaner manufacturer would use a simple backpressure sensor and indicator to let the customer know when the air purifiers air filter(s) are actually dirty enough to have to replace with fresh ones! Blueair does not use a pressure sensor! They Use A Timer!! And here is why they do it! 

First of all for the Blueair units, the filter replacement timer pushes the customer to spend more money replacing three filters every single six months even though the filters may or may not be dirty enough to actually need to be replaced. The optional extended warranty for Blueair air purifiers are contingent on forcing the customer to purchase three new filters every six months on an auto ship and auto charge program that is voided if the customer stops purchasing filters!  No More Money Spent With Blueair, No More Air Purifier Warrenty!

Is this an ethical way to conduct business with people that are often sick, miserable and desperate to improve the indoor air quality for themselves, children or family? We do not think so! How about you?

We feel that there are many better choices of quality air purifiers on the market. These air purifiers include the Austin Air Healtmates, EZ Air HEPA air cleaners and the incredible state of the art TRACS HEPA air purifiers. All of these top quality air purifiers are priced to be affordable and MADE IN THE USA! 

The TRACS HEPA Air Purifier includes individually certified medical grade HEPA air filters, pounds of activated coconut carbon-zeolite blend pre-filters for removing larger particulates and out gassing chemicals from the air and a US Patented non-ozone producing medical grade ultraviolet light system that will also kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores coming into the intake side of the HEPA filter.

We hope that this report has been a big help to you when deciding which air purifier to purchase or not to purchase for you and your family. For more information along with a Free Telephone Consultation call with Barry Cohen the owner of the company to help you choose the best air purifier, HEPA vacuum cleaner and other allergy control products that will best fit your direct needs! Call Barry at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.Also please see the website at