My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners And Allergy Products. I have been in the air cleaner and allergy control products industry since 1989 and I am very particular about which products I choose to make available and sell to my many thousands of customers.

I have been selling self charging electrostatic air filters for furnace and air conditioning systems for many years and I have sold many thousands of these filters to improve air cleaning efficiency to help keep my customers heating and A/C systems clean for better operating efficiency of their systems and for a higher level of indoor air quality to keep their homes and office spaces much cleaner for dust, allergy and asthma control.

I have tested many different brands and models through the years and for a good number of years I sold the BoAir electrostatic air filters with out many problems until they changed some of their manufacturing techniques with filter media changes and the way they framed and built their 90 percent Arrestance air filters. I started to get increased complaints from customers about wrong sized filters and restriction of airflow problems into people’s air returns and air handler systems.  I feel that it could have been from the poly sponge material in their filters loading up with too much dirt or from the sponge material deteriorating.

When I went back to the BoAir factory with these complaints and problems the factory resisted when I asked for customers filter replacements or needed refunds. The factory often blamed the customers for these problems and after a while I grew tired of this low level of customer service.  In June 2011 I changed electrostatic air filter manufacturing companies and I now have my filters custom made to size for my customers and to this day I have not received one complaint, return or refund! I offer a lifetime guarantee on each and every filter and my own company label is included on the electrostatic filters I sell.

Our filters are rated at 82 or 94 percent of Dust Arrestance efficiency. However I prefer to sell the less restrictive 82 percent efficiency filters to insure full and greater airflow into and out of the heating-furnace or air conditioning system and also because in reality the 12 percent difference in efficiency is very little as far as keeping your furnace or air conditioning system and air ducts clean!  You will be able to see this for yourself when you pull out your electrostatic air filter to clean it because the inside of your air handler and evaporator coil will look and stay clean for many years to come! Even at 82 percent efficiency this lifetime permanent and cleanable self charging electrostatic air filter is over twice as efficient then the very expensive 30-40 percent disposable pleated 3M Filtrete type of air filters found at places like Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store that will cost you approximately $100.00 or so every year.

How Our Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters Are Made

Our lifetime guarantee filters are made with high quality extruded aluminum frames that are very attractive and fastened together with a screw on each corner of the frame making it extremely strong and sturdy. We feel that our self-charging Polypropylene and Polyester fiber filter material is superior then the Poly sponge material that BoAir and some other companies use. The polypropylene and Polyester fiber filter material we use in our filters to catch the dust and allergens coming into them are both treated and impregnated with a safe EPA registered anti microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth on the filter material itself. Our electrostatic air filters come in non

How Our Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filters Work! 

It’s pretty basic and simple! But it really makes a difference in doing a great job of removing the dust and allergens in your indoor air!

When the air coming through your furnace or air conditioning system make contact with the polypropylene or polyester fibers in your filter it creates a friction that charges the fibers allowing them to actually grab the dust and allergens like a magnet onto the fibers. Even the very small particulates are caught onto the fibers. Did you ever rub a balloon on your hair and then stick the balloon on the side of the wall? It’s the same concept but when your filter becomes electrostaticly charged it really has a great advantage over the mechanical disposable filters to clean your indoor air of dust and allergens much better!

How To Take Care Of Our Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filters. (IT’S EASY)

Just remove your filter from your furnace or air conditioning system every 4-6 weeks and vacuum off the dirty outside of the filter. After vacuuming use a garden hose or showerhead to push any fine dust out of your filter by aiming the water into the backside of the filter to push the dirt out of the front. NOTE: If your filter is very dirty or if you have any greasy dirt on your filter because your air return is near your kitchen you can safely clean it by spraying a little 409, simple green or Zap degreaser cleaner on the front side of your filter before rinsing it off with fresh water. After cleaning and rinsing off your filter shake out any excess water and replace it into your system. When your system cycles back on it will dry the rest of your filter in a minute or two and your filter is back to doing its job of catching the dust and allergens to protect your home from dust, allergens and your family’s health!

Get A Lifetime Guaranteed Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filter And GO GREEN!

Millions and millions of pounds of filthy disposable air filters are thrown away and end up in dumps and landfills to pollute our environment each every single day! Once you purchase a quality lifetime self charging electrostatic air filter your not only providing a much higher level of indoor air quality while protecting your heating and air conditioning investment that heats and cools your home or office space, you really are doing a smart and important service for the environment and for all that lives on our planet!

It is our hope that this report has been a big help for you while investigating the advantages of owning and utilizing a QUALITY lifetime and washable self-charging electrostatic air filter in your furnace or air conditioning system! For more information on these great air filters see the website at or for a FREE CONSULTATION call Barry Cohen the owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.