If you are a Firefighter, related to or a friend of a Firefighter you need to read this report about zeolite oral chelation therapy and HEPA air cleaners and pass it onto them!

It is no question that Firefighters are our amazing hero’s for risking their very lives to save men, women, children, pets and property! Firefighters are trained to wear protective clothing and respirators to protect their lungs and body’s from the chemical smoke that they often come in contact with in their job. However Firefighters cannot always get to their equipment fast enough and all to often they are exposed to burning toxic chemicals and heavy metals that turn into smoke and are breathed into the their lungs!

One of the most common reasons Firefighters become disabled is from lung damage and immune system dysfunctions from breathing chemical smoke that often contain heavy metals! The truth is that many of these Firefighters both Firemen and women are not supplied with the important products they need to stay healthy both at the firehouse and at home with their families when they are not fighting fires.

It’s a horrible injustice that both Federal Government and local municipalities do not often supply quality HEPA air cleaners or HEPA air purifiers to Firefighters for their sleeping quarters in fire houses or family homes so they can enjoy the benefit of breathing much needed clean air into their already chemical taxed lungs and immune systems.

Also there is an extremely inexpensive, safe and natural detox supplement called micronized powdered zeolite that can be taken orally in capsules or in a powder form mixed with water or juice for safe oral chelation therapy. Zeolite will actually bind the chemicals into its cage like structure and flush to detox chemicals and heavy metals from your body’s internal organs. NOTE: Do Not Use Liquid Zeolite products, because they are diluted with water and not as effective as the pure powder form. The act of flushing chemicals and heavy metals from the body is call oral chelation therapy. If Firefighters were supplied with zeolite for safe oral chelation they would have a better chance of staying healthy and there may be many less disabled Firefighters in the world and off of the disability payroll!

When the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl Russia blew up and contaminated many thousands of people, zeolite supplements were often used for oral chelation therapy to safely flush and detox much of the chemical poisons which included radioactive heavy metals from peoples contaminated bodies. The faster people could get the powdered zeolite for chelation therapy detox the less damage would be done to their bodies!

Both HEPA air cleaners, air purifiers and zeolite come in many different brands and qualities. Please make sure that you utilize only high quality air cleaner products and zeolite supplements. For air cleaners, air purifiers and the highest quality zeolite products we recommend checking out https://www.aircleaners.com and also see the website at www.zeolite.com for the best zeolite to flush and detox chemicals and heavy metals from your body. Both of these websites are loaded with honest and accurate information you can learn from. Feel free to call us Toll Free for additional information or for answers to your questions. Call Barry Cohen at 1-888-578-7324 or Call 1-970-259-3998

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