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My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of Absolute Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Allergy Products.

I have been in the indoor air quality and HEPA air cleaner / air purifier industry since 1989. Ever since my entrance into this growing industry concerns for improved indoor air quality have been soaring! When I first started to provide HEPA air cleaners to our customers the big concern was for regular house hold allergies that came from dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke. Then in the early 1990’s scientists discovered how dust-mite allergen and out-gassing chemicals from carpeting, glues and other common household building materials can play havoc for people with allergies, asthma COPD and even create chronic, disabling immune dysfunctions. This brought even more people into the indoor air quality picture! Higher quality brands of HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers came onto the market, now with increased air exchange rates per hour and pounds of activated carbon and Zeolite to absorb dangerous out-gassing chemicals from the indoor environment. Environmental physicians came onto the scene to diagnose and treat people with environmental illnesses. Companies that specialized in detecting and remediation of sick indoor environments starting multiplying to help the people suffering from the many environmental illnesses that were being discovered and on the increase!

The Growing Need To Control Airborne Molds, Bacteria And Viruses

Today’s newest generation of HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers have a new and greater task to perform and the technology is already in place and doing its job. The new trend for HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers is not just for capturing airborne allergens and out-gassing chemicals; they also have the ability to KILL MOLD SPORES, BACTERIA and VIRUSES! Toxic molds and bacteria’s in indoor environments have been on the increase due to improper construction of homes and commercial buildings and by environmental disasters caused by floods, hurricanes and tornados. Homes, schools, hospitals and office building environments are all being affected by dangerous strains of molds and bacteria. New strains of dangerous airborne viruses are on the increase and so is the threat of a deadly Pandemic such as the H1N1 Swine Flu, SARS virus or the Avian Flu also known as Bird Flu.

The Answer

The best type of technology that is now used in HEPA filtered air purifiers that will control dust, allergens, other particulates while also killing biological contaminates in indoor air environments use non ozone producing UV {Ultra-Violet} lights that are aimed into the intake side of the HEPA filter. This HEPA / UV light technology is able to effectively kill and prevent mold spores, bacteria and viruses from surviving in the filter media of the air purifier only allowing 100% clean germ free air to enter back into your indoor environment. The best air purifier to look for is the TRACS HEPA air purifier using the UV {Ultra-Violet} light technology. The TRACS UV HEPA air purifier units are so effective they are used in hospitals to protect people going through organ transplants and chemotherapy that cannot be exposed to biological contaminants that include viruses, bacteria and mold spores. However with the growing concern for clean air in indoor environments many of these top quality air purifiers are now also being used in homes to protect families and in office spaces to protect workers.

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