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Preparing For The COVID-19 Coronavirus In Medical Offices, Corporate Offices And Retail Stores

Feb 12, 2020Uncategorized

NOW Is the time for all doctors to prepare to protect their office staff and patients from the dangerous and highly contagious 2019-nCoV coronavirus now officially named the COVID-19 Coronavirus that first started in Wuhan China as well as other airborne influenza flu health hazards in their indoor air environments! Research and statistics now show that this Coronavirus is actively working its way into mainstream populations throughout the planet which brings it to the level of a Pandemic by both the CDC and the WHO guidelines! Experts feel that it is also time for all corporate office and public retail store business environments plan and prepare to protect their employees and customers as well!  

This plan should include cleaning and sanitizing the indoor air environment of all strains of airborne viruses and bacteria with high quality 100 percent sealed HEPA air purifiers that include powerful non-ozone producing ultraviolet light systems that can and will destroy all types and strains of airborne viruses and bacteria in both large and small indoor occupied spaces. These should be HEPA room air purifiers with high microwatt dosage UV light systems. Each individual occupied open space or room will need HEPA air purifiers with an ultraviolet light system capable of proper coverage to protect that space. 

Proper planning also includes vacuuming all carpeting and hard floors with a true 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner that does not spew airborne allergens and dust that can harbor and spread viruses and bacteria into the indoor air environment while vacuuming to breathe and become contaminated or infected. It is urgent to know that airborne viruses attach to dust and they can survive on that dust for 10 days or longer! It is important to wear a N95 dust mask and Nitrile gloves for personal protection when replacing air filters in the HEPA air purifiers and with the disposal of contaminated dust in HEPA vacuum cleaners in a contagious COVID-19 Coronavirus or Influenza flu situation. 

Please do your diligent research but be sure to check out the already PROVEN (Made In Canada) Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier and the PROVEN (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner to help keep your office staff, patients, employees and customers healthy as possible during this growing health crisis! Remember these extremely important products can help to save lives. These important products are also an investment and a tax write off to your business!  

Other important measures to take is to stock up and have ready a large number of N95 rated disposable face masks, 5 MIL thickness Nitrile disposable gloves and multiple gallons of 70 percent Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer. Wash hands with antibacterial soap often and be aware for proper protection. The N95 face masks and Nitrile gloves must be disposed of and replaced after a few hours of use and more often when being exposed to multiple patients and people! N95 face masks and Nitrile gloves should be replaced immediately if they become torn. 

PLEASE NOTE: As the COVID-19 Coronavirus or a dangerous influenza flu virus spreads through the population all of these products will become scarce and harder to find! It may not take long for them to become totally unavailable to purchase!  

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