Electrostatic AC/Furnace Filters Made to Size

Lifetime Washable Electrostatic AC and Furnace Air Filters

If you are tired of running out to Home Depot, LOWES or to the local hardware store to find the correct size A/C or furnace filter that fits your air return or air handler systems unit, look no more.

The Best A/C And Furnace Filter On The Market

Our Lifetime self charging electrostatic AC and Furnace air filters are custom made to size for a perfect fit, they are washable and best of all our A/C and furnace air filters are about 90 percent efficient to really keep dust and allergens out of you’re A/C or furnace system’s air flow to help keep your indoor air clean of the dust and allergens that trigger allergies, asthma, COPD and other respiratory problems and immune dysfunctions!

Why Your A/C Or Furnace System Breaks Down

When your air conditioning system or furnace breaks down its almost always due to dust and mold buildup on the evaporator coil, blower motor and duct system which drastically reduces the efficiency of your system while increasing the dust in your home, allergies, asthma and you’re rising electric bill! Self charging electrostatic air filters are the key component in keeping you’re A/C or furnace system clean and running smoothly for the years to come while keeping your electric bills low as possible!

These great self charging electrostatic air filters are made from a polypropylene fiber that creates its own electrostatic charge that attracts dust and allergens into the fiber without any external electricity needed.

How To Keep This Filter Clean For Years To Come

To keep clean this electrostatic air filter clean, just vacuum off the dirty side of the air filter once every month and every two months vacuum and rinse them out with a garden hose or in the shower. Stubborn dirt can be removed by spraying down the filter with Simple Green, 409 or Fantastic before flushing the filter out with clean water. Shake out the filter until it’s not dripping and then insert back into you’re A/C system or furnace for the air flow to finish drying it out.

For more information on this air filter, Click Here or on the image of the filter.

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