HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Commercial | Industrial

HEPA vacuum cleaners for industrial / commercial abatement and remediation come with many different set ups and levels of filtration. Many people do not realize this and they end up purchasing the wrong HEPA vacuum cleaner that does not fit their direct needs. Our company has been in the abatement and remediation business since 1989 so we know from experience which industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners will do the best job for you in any situation including removing Asbestos, Lead Dust , Lead Paint And Mold!

We have tested many different brands of industrial and commercial HEPA vacuum cleaners that include Nilfisk, Pullman Holt and many others. From experience we have found that only the NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners (Made In The USA) stand up the best and without problems, even when running them 10 hours a day on jobs that last for almost a full year. This is because the NIKRO is designed better and they only include the best vacuum motors! Please check out our line of NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners for you industrial or commercial needs and please call us by phone so we can help you choose the unit to best fit your needs! Also The NIKRO PW15110 15 Gallon Wet/ Dry HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is so good it outsells all of our other units put together! We sell dozens and dozens of these units to RRP lead paint, asbestos and lead dust removal contractors! Everyone loves them!

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