Airpura C600-DLX Air Purifiers

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The Airpura C600-Deluxe (DLX) air purifiers are loaded with 26 pounds of potassium iodide enhanced activated coconut carbon filtration that allows for a much higher level of absorption of odors, chemical out-gassing, and VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compounds) from sealed homes, buildings, and office spaces with newer carpeting, home furnishings, Chinese drywall, adhesives, particleboard wood and pesticides that are creating allergy, asthma and COPD reactions and respiratory discomfort.

NOTE: The One Big Difference Between The C600 & C600-Deluxe is the deluxe (DLX) model’s 26-pound coconut shell carbon filter is treated with potassium iodide for a higher degree of odor and chemical outgassing removal.

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