Airpura S600 HEPA Air Purifier with Ultraviolet Light System


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The New Airpura S600 UV HEPA Air Purifier Is a state of the art air purifier that is Made In Canada specifically for our company to our own strict specifications to provide our many customers with the absolute highest quality HEPA air purifier with a UV light system on the market at an unbeatable price that is lower than the Airpura UV600 model that we have been selling for many years. The long-lasting HEPA filter quickly removes and controls household dust, dust mite allergen and pet dander that includes the reactive proteins found on cats, dogs, birds and other types of pets.

This S600 UV HEPA unit includes a powerful 30,000 sec/cm2 microwatt ultraviolet light system to destroy biological contaminants that includes airborne bacteria, mold spores, and extremely contagious viruses! The S600 UV HEPA air purifier also includes 18 pounds of replaceable activated coconut shell carbon to absorb odors and outgassing chemicals. These chemicals include formaldehyde from newer carpeting, particleboard cabinets and wood furniture. Other chemical outgassing removals include vapors from paints, stains, pesticides, auto/truck exhaust, and additional sources of indoor air pollution!

We recommend that the true effective cleaning range of the Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier is rated to be up to 1500 square feet in an open area and in the larger sized master bedroom the Airpura S600 HEPA air purifiers with UV light system will produce 13 or more impressive air exchanges per hour.





The Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier is quiet but still powerful with its top quality variable speed motor. Its HEPA filter is extremely well-sealed against any leakage of dust, allergens and biological contaminants from escaping back into the indoor air environment to breathe and react to while in operation. The S600 UV portable HEPA air purifier is easy to roll on its quality castor wheels. However, we recommend keeping one unit in the bedroom(s) and one unit in the family room so everyone can walk from one clean room to the other without reacting from airborne allergens. The Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier is unequaled compared to the other units on the market! This top-quality HEPA air purifier provides the absolute best in air filtration protection for dust, pollen, pet allergens that include out-gassing chemicals and biological contaminants that include the ability to destroy airborne bacteria, mold spores, and influenza type viruses for true allergy, asthma and COPD control!  FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA & CANADA!

Why The NEW Airpura S600 UV HEPA Air Purifier Is Now The Absolute Best Choice

IMPORTANT NOTE: The only difference between this NEW Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier that is specifically manufactured for our company and the Airpura regular UV600 HEPA air purifier is the S600’s $150.00 lower price. All of the other specs are the exact same as the UV600. The 23 watt 30,000 microwatt sec/2 UV output of the S600 is more than powerful enough to absolutely destroy any airborne biological contaminant that includes bacteria, mold spores, and contagious viruses. The UV output is also much more powerful than the 18,500 microwatts of the little bit more expensive TRACS HEPA UV air purifier.

The New Airpura S600 UV HEPA Air Purifier Is Now The Absolute Best Choice For Dust, Allergy, Asthma And COPD Control And Also For Protecting The Indoor Air Quality And Immune Systems Of People With Cancer And Other Diseases Going Through Chemotherapy, Stem Cell Transplants, Bone Marrow Transplants, And Organ Transplants!

The 100 Percent Sealed HEPA Filter

The 40 square feet of true HEPA filter is 99.97 percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size. Replace the HEPA filter an average of only once every 5 years. The HEPA filter is 100 percent sealed its metal case against air leakage with metal sealed caps on both the top and bottom of the filter.


The easy to replace pre-filter in the S600 UV HEPA air purifier protects the HEPA filter by catching the larger dust particles and allergens before they can get to the HEPA filter. This allows the HEPA filter to last an average of five years while catching the smaller more reactive dust particles and allergens down to 0.3 microns of size. The pre-filter can be vacuumed off from the outside case of this Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier for easy maintenance. The inexpensive pre-filter should be replaced aproximently once a year with normal use.

Activated Carbon Filter

The hefty 18 pound activated coconut shell carbon filter does an incredible job of removing by adsorption, airborne odors and out-gassing chemicals from your home’s indoor air quality.

NOTE: Anthracite carbon can be substituted with advance notice for coconut shell carbon at no extra charge for superior removal of car exhaust fumes and wood stove smoke! Call Us Direct For Carbon Type Changes Before Placing Your Order! Carbon filters last up to 2 years depending on the amount of chemical exposure and odor environment. Replace carbon when necessary.

Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Light System

The powerful medical grade 100 percent (non-ozone producing) 23-watt ultraviolet bulb is rated at 30,000 microwatts sec/cm2. This UV dosage is strong enough to destroy just about any type of biological antigen, pathogen, microorganism, mold spore or virus that can enter into this air purifier! The UV bulb is placed in the middle of the air purifiers filter chamber so the ultraviolet light can hit the entire intake sides of the HEPA filter for the best kill ratio of biological contaminants of the airflow going through the air purifier and on the full surface of the HEPA filter. The UV bulb can be switched on and off when desired. We recommend keeping the UV bulb light on. Replace this bulb once aprox every 10,000 hours or aprox once every 14-18 months of use.

Quiet Variable Speed Motor, Decibel Levels & Air Flow Rate

The quiet variable speed motor allows the user to adjust the motor speed, airflow rate and level of the desired filtration. The decibel sound level of this motor is 28.1 db at low speed and 62.3 db when turned all the way up to high speed. The airflow rate of this Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier is up to 560 CFM with the filters and carbon not installed and between 420-440 CFM with filters and activated carbon filter installed as it normally would be when operating this unit. NOTE: This is still close to twice the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of air movement compared to most other higher quality air purifiers now being sold on the market!

Recommended Use

Please remember that these are HEPA room air purifiers! We recommend for home use that one unit is placed into each bedroom(s) where someone is suffering from allergies, asthma, COPD or from chronic viruses, a weak immune system and for people going through chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, bone marrow transplants, and organ transplants. It is also a good idea to place another (Second) unit into the family room so when people travel through the home they are walking from one clean living space room to another. People with home offices and recreation rooms can also enjoy having allergen-free clean indoor air by placing a unit into these areas as well.

Other common uses for the Airpura S600 HEPA UV HEPA air purifier is in police department evidence rooms, property rooms, hospital rooms, and doctor’s offices. However, the majority of these great units are used in family rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces!

Please know that these air purifiers are made to run 24 hours a day every day for many years to come! The electric cost averages only 35 dollars per year.

Airpura S600 HEPA Air Purifiers With Ultraviolet Light Systems Are Excellent For:

  • Bedrooms and living spaces for the best dust, allergy, asthma and COPD control. 
  • People with chronic or contagious viruses and weak immune systems
  • People going through chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, bone marrow transplants, organ transplants.
  • Indoor environments that are damp or with mold spore problems
  • Homes with mold spore problems that have or had roof or pipe leaks
  • Hospital rooms, Doctor offices, Dentist Offices, Hotels, Motels and Health Clinics
  • Isolation rooms
  • Basements
  • Police department evidence rooms
  • Veterinarians, animal hospitals and animal kennels
  • General office spaces and retail stores
  • Schools, Classrooms

More Airpura S600 UV HEPA Air Purifier Specifications:

  • Size: 23″x 15″x 15″
  • Weight: 45 LBS
  • Watts: 120 on high speed 40 at low speed. Average energy consumption running non-stop is only $35.00 per year
  • Case Housing & Wheels: Non-out-gassing powder-coated steel mounted on four easy to roll caster wheels.
  • Color Choices: White, black and cream, which is a light beige and the most popular color as it best matches most wood furniture.
  • Voltage: 120 or 220 volts—–Call US For 220 Volt units
  • ETL Certified: Conforms to CSA C22.2 No 113 ANSI / UL 507
  • UV Germicidal Lamp: 23 watts rated at 30,000 microwatts sec/cm2.

Factory Warranty: 5 Years on non wear parts & 10 Years on labor


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