Washable Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Conditioning and Furnace Filters


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Our LIFETIME almost 90% efficiency self charging electrostatic air filters / furnace filters are washable and custom made to size. They fit into the same A/C air return or furnace air handler space where your throw-away filters are located.

This is far better compared to your cheap and almost worthless 3-5 percent efficient throwaway filters. Low cost throwaway filters allow dust and allergens to pass right through them. Our filters also outperform the expensive 30%-40% efficient disposable 3M Filtrete air filters that cost approximately $100.00 per year.

Our lifetime self-charging electrostatic air filter will keep the dust and allergens out of your air conditioning system! A Clean A/C system provides a clean healthy home for true dust and allergy control!

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Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Conditioning & Furnace Filters

IMPORTANT TO READ: Self Charging Electrostatic air conditioning and furnace filters keep your furnace or air conditioning system clean and operating while preventing future service calls due to dirt and mold breaking them down. People often buy cheap filters which do not work well!  This allows the dust and allergens to build and plug up your unit's evaporator coil, blower motor, air handler case and duct work.

In a short period of time, you can incur expensive repair bills to fix and clean your unit and air duct system! A high quality washable self-charging electrostatic air conditioning filter is a small but very important investment that protects your indoor air quality. It is the key to keep your entire furnace or air conditioning system clean and operating efficiently for many years to come.

These  self-charging electrostatic A/C /  furnace filters are almost 90 percent efficient with a polypropylene media. Note that polypropylene is far superior to the lower quality polyester media filters on the market! Our filters are washable and custom made to size. This is so they fit properly into the same air conditioning / furnace air handler or air return space where your present filter now goes. Our filters are the absolute best for quality dust, allergy, and asthma control!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on high priced inefficient so-called whole house HEPA and other types of air filtration systems that air conditioning contractors will try to up-sell to you. These systems often cost well over a $1,000.00 and they are only 30% efficient at best. Don’t waste your time buying totally worthless 2 or 3 dollar low quality 3 to 5 percent inefficient throwaway filters at Home Depot or the hardware store. Don’t waste your time and money on those very expensive 30 to 40 percent efficiency disposable 3M Filtrete filters that will cost you approximately $100.00 every year!

Our Lifetime warranty top quality washable self-charging electrostatic air conditioning and furnace filters are almost 90 percent efficient. They do not restrict airflow to your air handler and they are anti-microbial. No dangerous mold or bacteria can grow on the polypropylene filter media itself. They are also cleanable and will last a LIFETIME making them much more environmentally friendly than the cheap, disposable filters! Our self-charging electrostatic air conditioning filters have sturdy solid frames that are 1 inch thick to match stock filters.

If your existing filter fits properly provide us with the size printed on your filter frame. Custom sizes are no problem! The customer is responsible for providing the correct measurement to us. No modifications to your A/C air conditioning or furnace heating system are necessary! Our quality self-charging electrostatic air filters are an important step towards a healthy allergy and asthma free clean home.

ECO NOTE: When you purchase one of these LIFETIME self charging electrostatic air filters or furnace filters you are helping the environment in a very big way! This is because they are not contributing to the millions of pounds of disposable air filters that end up in city and county dumps or landfills each and every day!

HINT: If you don’t know the correct size of your air or furnace filter, use a tape measure to measure your existing filter and the frame where the filter fits into to get the correct fit.

To Keep Clean: Every 4 to 6 weeks vacuum off the front dirty side of your A/C or furnace filters and then rinse your filter to push out the dust the opposite direction it came in with a garden hose or in the shower. Shake off water until dripping stops and replace into your system. The air coming through the filter from your air handler will quickly dry it out! The incoming air-flow will then re-charge it with an electrostatic charge so it can quickly start collecting dust and allergens again.

NOTE: If this air conditioning filter/furnace filter becomes really dirty or greasy from being close to a kitchen area, it is safe to spray with 409, Simple Green or Zap degreaser. Wait a minute or two then rinse thoroughly with water. Shake off any dripping water then replace back into your system. It's ok if the filter is damp, the incoming air will dry it out.

Any Size Up To 24 Inches x 30 Inches
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IMPORTANT NOTE: These self-charging electrostatic air conditioning and furnace filters are custom made for customers needed size. They have a lifetime replacement warranty for factory defects but because they are custom made to size they are not returnable for a refund after purchase.

Free Shipping In The Continental U.S.A.!!