The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and its dangerous variants are now killing millions of people in the United States and around the planet. The deadly COVID-19 Coronavirus is quickly multiplying and mutating into many multiple variants while spreading WORLDWIDE! The Experts at the World Health Organization also known as WHO has called this killer virus A THREAT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD!  This is because COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants have been proven to quickly spread from human to human even in medical environmentally safe areas where there is very little contact! The CDC (Center For Disease Control) in the USA is now working with the many municipalities and health departments throughout the country to educate health professionals about this dangerous virus!

The worst part about this COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants is that it has a huge kill ratio for those that have been infected and because this particular virus has a long incubation period of time that allows people to infect each other before they show any symptoms to become aware that they actively have the virus themselves! The COVID-19 Coronavirus starts off as if it’s a common cold only to worsen to produce chronic upper respiratory infections with heavy coughing often moving to pneumonia with blood-streaked sputum, high fever, chills, chronic diarrhea, and in many cases renal (Kidney) failure! This is a virus that you don’t want to get!

 Attention Hospitals, Schools, And Families Prepare For The COVID-19 Coronavirus And Its Variants Now!

It’s just a matter of time before another out-of-control pandemic flu virus decimates the human race as it has throughout history! The Spanish flu broke out in 1918 just after World War One and before it slowed down in approx two years 1 billion people contracted this deadly virus and it killed between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide! Be aware that in 1918 world travel was not easy to do and most were done by a slow boat! The COVID-10 Coronavirus and its multiple variants are now traveling the path doe a HUGE pandemic worldwide disaster!

Today tens of thousands of human beings travel worldwide every day and a pandemic flu like the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants can and have been spreading faster than a wildfire in a high wind! Many people continue to become infected very quickly and only the diligent prepared few will have a better chance of avoiding this virus until it hopefully gets under control with the proper vaccines or dissipates by mutating into a noncontagious form!

Below is a list of products to stock up on so you and your family will have a fighting chance to stay healthy in preparation for the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants or for any pandemic flu situation or biological disaster.

Purchase disinfectant cleaners to keep your home clean as possible! Bleach is a great disinfectant but always use in a ventilated area.

Purchase cases of N95 face and surgical masks—- Wear an N95 face and wear two surgical masks one over top of the other if possible in public and then throw the masks in the trash after each individual use. NEVER REUSE A MASK! In Asian countries, many people commonly wear N95 masks and surgical masks to protect their health from viruses when they go out in public because they remember when SARS and bird flu killed so many people in such a short period of time.

Purchase cases of latex or protective surgical gloves—-Wear a pair in public and then throw the gloves into the trash and replace them after each use. NEVER REUSE THESE GLOVES!

Purchase cases of antimicrobial hand sanitizer that includes alcohol that will kill viruses——-Keep some in your car and in your home to use after touching anything in public even after using the protective gloves. Keep your steering wheel, light switches; doorknobs, and appliance handle clean as possible.

The Best UV HEPA Air Purifiers To Destroy Airborne Viruses

Keep High-quality HEPA room air purifiers with non-ozone producing ultraviolet light systems operating 24-7 in your home and office space! Check out the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier with a UV light system that is totally sealed at 99.99 percent of efficiency down to .3 microns of particle size.

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier with its powerful ultraviolet light system is superior to any other air purifier on the market because it has the unmatched design of aiming the 30,000 micro-watt dose from its non-ozone producing ultraviolet lamp into all of the intake sides of the HEPA filter to quickly and easily destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, or mold spores before it can penetrate into the HEPA filter to contaminate it. NOTE: It takes a UV dosage of 6,600 micro-watts to destroy the airborne COVID-19 Coronavirus and its variants so 30,000 micro-watts make the 100 percent sealed from leakage Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier the absolute best unit for this and any other airborne pandemic virus!

The Airpura UV600’s are room air purifiers so most people will place one UV600 unit into each needed bedroom for safer, better sleeping and one into the family room where people spend the most time together! These Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers are often purchased and used in hospitals, doctors, and dentists waiting rooms to protect others from airborne viruses and bacteria that can be spread by sick people.

The Best 100 Percent Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaner To Prevent Virus Spread

It is important to utilize a 100% sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner to contain any dust and allergens that could also carry viruses and bacteria piggybacking on dust and debris to spread into areas that are not contaminated.

Check out the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner (Made In The USA) The Air Storm is sealed so well at both the HEPA filter and its case you can legally do asbestos, lead and mold abatement with it and you can fill its dust collection bag to the top without losing any suction or cleaning ability. The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is sealed so well you will never have to dust again after vacuuming. Since viruses bind into dust particles and no dust will escape from the Air Storm this HEPA vacuum cleaner is the absolute best choice to clean with during a pandemic virus situation.

Purchase a quality water filtration unit for your drinking water! Choose a unit that includes a UV light system or ozone sanitizer that is able to destroy any and all possible viruses and bacteria in the water.

Purchase a healthy emergency supply of extra food, toiletries, and medications including pain and fever relievers to store away so you can avoid spending periods of time in public grocery stores! And if you do have to go to the grocery store ALWAYS remember to sanitize the handles of your shopping cart with provided alcohol wipes or with hand sanitizer rated to destroy viruses! Shopping cart handles are one of the worst contaminated objects to catch viruses from because sick people with dirty germ-filled hands are pushing those shopping carts all day long!

If you don’t want to rotate your food storage products and you desire to always have a proper food storage system on hand and ready for you and your family to eat if a pandemic flu or any other kind of disaster or emergency arises, check out Mountain House Freeze Dried food systems!  Freeze Dried food is already cooked with the water extracted. Mountain House is without question the highest quality freeze-dried food on the market and it has a 25-30 year shelf life at 100 percent the nutritional value! To prepare a tasty meal just add hot water and wait 5 minutes for it to reconstitute and eat! Mountain House tastes like home cooking, it uses no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors whatsoever!  High quality powdered milk and juices that are also for long-term storage are readily available to supplement food storage systems.  Also, remember to stock up on your pet’s food as well!

If you lose your electricity or a boil water order is made because of a filtration failure from municipal water treatment plants, drinking and cooking water will need to be boiled and sanitized to make it safe. A good survival-cooking stove that uses Biomass for fuel is a good idea to have available in case of emergency. Biomass is the easiest type of fuel to find in emergencies because it consists of simple small sticks, scrap wood, or pinecones. The best Biomass stoves are called Rocket Stoves and they are able to boil water in just a few minutes and cook an entire meal using only three small sticks as fuel! Rocket Stoves are inexpensive, lightweight, and very portable.

It’s a sad reality but in a pandemic flu virus situation with a death rate of close to 60 percent, it’s best that you isolate yourself and your loved ones until the pandemic is over! This means staying at home and away from the general public as much as possible! Put a plan together so everyone has a creative way to stay busy and occupied to ward off boredom! Find some great hobbies, get into amateur radio or put together a productive online Internet business to bring in a reasonable income while staying safe and doing something that you enjoy!

If you feel that this report is very strong and scary, it’s meant to be to make you aware of what a pandemic virus such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome also called the MERS-CoV Coronavirus can do to a huge population of the human race if it quickly rages out of control! We hope that the information we have provided to help prepare and protect you and your family from such a virus has been helpful to you and we urge you to share this report with others that may be concerned for their health and wellbeing.

For more information on the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier with its virus destroying germicidal ultraviolet light system and the 100 percent sealed from leakage Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner see the website at or call them direct at no charge for additional information at Toll-Free 1-888-578-7324 or call the direct line at 561-629-5618.