COVID-19 Coronavirus Preparation To Protect Your Family And Home

Feb 12, 2020Commercial HEPA Vacuum Cleaners, Coronovirus, Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

The highly contagious killer pandemic COVID-19 Coronavirus has quickly spread throughout our entire planet and has infected millions of people. A huge number of people have died and many more are dying each and every day! This article is about family COVID-19 preparation.

A large amount of people carrying and quickly spreading this deadly virus are unaware that they are infected because they are non symptomatic or they have not yet experienced the symptoms due to the virus incubation period of 5 to 14 days.

Now that our Government is pushing people to go back to work the so called experts are saying that a 2nd wave of the virus is upon us! This is not true because the virus is more like a Tsunami as wave after wave of the virus keeps pushing deeper into the population! The only way to slow it down is to take strict measures to avoid infection and stick to them. Self isolation and the other urgent measures are explained in detail below!

 People must develop a family COVID-19 preparation plan to take urgent and important measures to protect their family members and home from being infected by COVID-19 Coronavirus and other viruses. This plan needs to be strictly followed and should include keeping the homes indoor air quality clean and sanitized of any and all strains of airborne viruses and bacteria that can make its way into the homes indoor environment.

This can be done by utilizing high quality 100 percent sealed room HEPA air purifiers that include a powerful non-ozone producing (UV) ultraviolet light system strong enough to quickly destroy any type of airborne virus. It is important to place one HEPA UV air purifier into each needed bedroom and one HEPA UV air purifier unit into the family room or into any room that is often occupied by family members. Office and retail spaces will also benefit from HEPA UV air purifiers!

 An additional part of a family COVID-19 preparation plan should include a 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner that does not leak (SPEW) any dust, allergens, viruses and bacteria into your homes indoor air environment to breathe and become infected from or react to while vacuuming carpeting or hard surface floors. It is important to know that any strain of virus can attach to household dust and survive on that dust for a period of 3 to 10 days! Again office and retail spaces will benefit from vacuuming with 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners!

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 Please do your diligent research but be sure to check out the already PROVEN (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers

  NOTE: It takes a ultraviolet dose of 6,600 micro-watts sec/cm2 to destroy the coronavirus!

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier includes a non-ozone producing medical grade 23 watt ultraviolet lamp system with a UV dose that produces 30,000 micro-watts sec/cm2 that will easily and quickly destroy any airborne coronavirus that is pulled into this air purifier!

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 The PROVEN (Made In The USA) 100 percent sealed Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner will help to keep your family healthy as possible during this growing health crisis and pandemic! Remember these extremely important products can help to save lives!

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      More INFO To Protect Your Family From COVID-19 Coronavirus

If at all possible stock up a hefty amount of N95 masks,100 unit boxes of 5 MIL thick Nitrile gloves of needed sizes and at least a few gallons of Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer that is at least 70 percent alcohol to quickly destroy viruses and bacteria on your hands and hard surfaces!  

 IMPORTANT: Remember that N95 masks and gloves are meant to be disposable and should only be worn for a few hours at a time. After they are removed after use they need to be carefully disposed of and replaced with new ones the next time you or a family member is going back out in public! If they become torn during use they need to be removed and replaced right away! Wash your hands with antibacterial soap often and keep Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer close by wherever you go.

 We have no idea how long this dangerous coronavirus could take to get under control now that it is in a pandemic situation. If you have the desire to be prepared for the worst situation it is a very good idea to put together a healthy food storage system so you and your family members can avoid standing in food lines with infected public. 

 Canned goods are inexpensive and have a long shelf life often much longer than their expiration dates. if you do a food storage system with canned goods mix it up with canned vegetables, fruits and meats for the extra protein you will need in possible urgent times.

You can also purchase inexpensive 50 and 100 pound sacks of different kinds of rice, sugar, salt and beans to add into your meals that will last a very long time when stored in 5 gallon air tight containers.

Stick to canned and wrapped covered food items because fresh foods will run out quickly in a pandemic situation and it is also easily infected by sick people that process fresh foods and by the shoppers that get close to it in stores.

If it is affordable and still available the best food storage system will be ready to eat already cooked freeze dried food meals that can be quickly rehydrated with water. Hot water will get you a fast hot meal and they taste great! Dehydrated food is a second choice to freeze dried because it often needs to be fully cooked before eating. Please be aware that access to food may be very hard to find and purchase during a pandemic virus situation!

 PLEASE NOTE: As any virus infection spreads deeper into the population or in any pandemic situation many products will become much harder to find! It may not take long for these items to become totally unavailable to purchase!

 It is our hope that this report has been a help to you in putting together a good comprehensive family COVID-19 preparation plan! Again if you need our help to keep your homes indoor environment clean and healthy by utilizing our high quality Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier and 100 percent sealed Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner please see the website at or  call us on our direct phone line for a free phone consultation at 561-629-5618

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