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The Absolute Best HEPA Air Purifiers For Destroying Airborne Mold Spores, Bacteria & Viruses

Oct 15, 2019Uncategorized

The Absolute Best HEPA Air Purifiers For Destroying Airborne Mold Spores, Bacteria & Viruses


My name is Barry Cohen and I have been an indoor air quality expert since 1989. I also specialize in providing our many customers with only the absolute highest quality HEPA air purifiers that do the proper job of quickly removing dust and allergens from the indoor air while also destroying airborne biological contaminants! 


These contaminants include mold spores, bacteria and viruses in the indoor air environment that often make people sick by triggering allergies and asthma reactions while also having a dangerous negative affect on the immune system.


Finding the best, highest quality HEPA air purifiers can be very frustrating and time consuming while doing diligent research. This is because there are dozens and dozens of low quality air purifiers flooding the market to choose from! Most are made in China and  found in local big box stores or on


These low quality HEPA air purifiers are easy to find because they are heavily advertised on TV, in magazines and online due to low off shore manufacturing costs, high profit margins and huge corporate budgets. 


However almost all of these HEPA air purifiers are of very low quality because they are not properly sealed at both the HEPA filter and the units case causing them to actually leak (SPEW) dust, allergens, mold spores, bacteria and mold spores back into the indoor air to breathe and react too while they are operating.


 Also, the low quality HEPA air purifiers being manufactured have inadequate air exchange rates per hour even in small rooms. They do not include proper amounts of activated carbon to remove enough outgassing chemicals from the indoor air. They also do not include IMPORTANT non ozone producing UV ultraviolet light systems in them that are able to or powerful enough to destroy dangerous biological contaminates! 


The Best HEPA Air Purifiers With UV We Recommend 


During our over 30 years of dealing with and testing  dozens of different HEPA air purifiers we absolutely know that the Airpura S600 and the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers are the best and highest quality HEPA air purifiers on the market. Both units are (Made In Canada)  and they will out clean and out perform all other HEPA air purifiers on the market worldwide. 


 Features Of Airpura S600 & UV600 HEPA Air Purifiers


Both units will effectively clean open rooms or areas over 1000 square feet and up to 1500 square feet of size. 


NOTE: The smaller the room the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for increased performance and cleaning ability. Most people place one unit in any needed bedroom and one in the family room or where they spend the most time.


Both units include 18 pounds of activated carbon to adsorb and remove airborne odors and out-gassing chemicals from the indoor air. Carbon filters will last up to 2 years before replacement is necessary.


Both units include a 100 percent sealed medical grade HEPA air filter that is 99,97 percent efficient down to 0.3 microns of particle size. HEPA filters will continue to clean for 5 years before replacement is necessary.


Both units include a pre-filter to catch larger sized allergens and particulates while protecting the HEPA filter. The inexpensive pre-filter will clean the air of dust and allergens for 6-12 months before replacement is necessary.


Both units include powerful medical grade non ozone producing UV Ultraviolet light systems to destroy biological contaminants that include airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses. UV bulbs should be replaced every 18 months


The power of the S600 UV light system is 21,300 micro-watts sec/cm2.

The  power of the UV600’s more powerful UV Light system is 30,000 micro-watts sec/cm2.


NOTE: Even though the UV600’s UV light system is more powerful for extremely contaminated areas, the UV light system in the lesser priced Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier is still very powerful and more than adequate to destroy airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses in almost all situations!


Both units include extremely powerful but very quiet variable speed motors that produce 420-440 CFM of air movement with filters and activated carbon installed as it normally would be when they are operating. NOTE: This is still close to twice the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of most other higher quality air purifiers on the market!


Do You Own Or Have You Checked Out Any Of These Lower Quality HEPA Air Purifiers Shown Below?


Honeywell, Blueair, Hunter, Holmes, Vornado, Olansi, Iqair, Molecule, Rabbit Air, Winix, GermGuardian and many others! 


We recommend saving your hard earned money while staying away from lower quality units while doing your own diligent research comparing them to the much higher quality Airpura S600 UV HEPA air purifier and the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier! The results will be reassuring that you have made the right decision! 


For more information on the Airpura S600 and UV 600 HEPA air purifiers see them at Or call direct for a free consultation at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324

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