The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner To Help Prevent Spread Of COVID-19 Coronavirus, Influenza Flu And Other Viruses

Feb 12, 2020Coronovirus, Residential HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

The highly contagious COVID-19 Coronavirus we are facing and fighting is a real and dangerous pandemic as per the standards set by both the CDC and the WHO (World Health Organization). This virus has spread to infect people worldwide due to the huge amount of people traveling by ship and fast Jet air travel! Many people spreading the virus have no idea that they are carriers because the incubation time frame before symptoms come out can be from 5-14 days and sometimes longer!

URGENT! Health experts are saying that we are experiencing the second wave of the COVID-19 Coronavirus! However this is totally untrue! The fact is this virus is coming in more like a Tsunami that is bringing in a continuous wave after wave that is pushing deeper into the population! The virus will spread faster now that people are no longer self isolating and are going back to work and walking around in public (Many Without Proper Masks) to infect others!

This is a huge problem because the virus will continue to infect many others far before they feel ill and become sick. Due to the lack of needed transparent public education many people have no idea that poorly sealed vacuum cleaners can be huge super spreaders of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, influenza, other deadly viruses, bacteria and mold spores!

Another Nasty Threat— Researchers at the University of Arizona discovered that 50 percent of the vacuum cleaners they tested contained actual fecal bacteria including 13 percent with E. coli, and all were packing noticeable amounts of mold. Vacuuming can easily transfer toxic germs, bacteria and contagious viruses such as influenza and other viruses from contaminated carpeting and hard surfaces to many other previously non-contaminated areas that include other homes and office spaces in buildings when house cleaners and commercial cleaning companies are doing their work!

This hidden contaminated dust that can be loaded with virus and other types of bacteria is embedded into the spewing dust from poorly sealed vacuum cleaners to be taken into the lungs and mucus membranes to infect many others! If you have to dust your home after vacuuming then you know that you have a vacuum contaminator! Another easy way to test your vacuum cleaner for leakage is to simply place your vacuum cleaner into a beam of sunlight coming through a window.

If you have a vacuum contaminator you will see tens of thousands of dust and allergen particles spewing into that beam of sunlight! If you have a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner we urge you to still do the leakage test because most of them are also poorly sealed at both the HEPA filter and through air gaps in the units case! 


We have found that the (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is sealed so well absolutely zero dust escapes from this totally sealed unit! We have tested the Air Storm with a professional $2,000.00 laser particle counter after filling them with dust and they show ZERO leakage at an efficiency of 99.97 percent down to .3 microns of particle size which is one 3rd the size of one micron. You can legally do asbestos, lead and mold abatement with the sturdy lightweight Air Storm canister HEPA vacuum cleaner.  

Since viruses including the COVID-19 Coronavirus cling to the dust in the vacuum cleaner, the chance that any type or strain of virus can separate from the dust and then pass through the Air Storms 100 percent sealed case and 1000 square inch (100 percent) sealed to USA military standards HEPA filter is extremely slim! The Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner is routinely used for both commercial and residential use.

Dentist offices and doctor offices that deal with sick people everyday can really benefit from these vacuum cleaners! The USA Army includes an Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner in each Patriot Missile system maintenance kit to keep them super clean often in dusty desert environments! Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners have also been sold to the White House to keep it clean and dust free! However the great majority of these vacuum cleaners are sold to cleaning services and to everyday family’s for dust and allergy control at an operating life of 35 years or longer! 

The Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Is The Best Choice For The Absolute Best Chance To Avoid Contamination And Infection From Any Strain Of Virus, Bacteria And Mold Spores While Also Out Cleaning And Outperforming All Other Vacuum Cleaners Worldwide! 

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