The Best HEPA Air Purifier That Destroys The COVID-19 Coronavirus, Bacteria & Mold Spores

Feb 12, 2020Coronovirus, HEPA Air Cleaners

The extremely contagious COVID-19 Coronavirus we are facing is now proven to be airborne and infecting many thousands of people indoors through A/C systems and ductwork! We will show you the best UV HEPA air purifier that can destroy The COVID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 has quickly spread throughout our entire planet at an alarming rate and it is a certified killer Pandemic virus by both the CDC and the WHO guidelines!

Keep reading to discover why the Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier with its powerful ultraviolet light system is superior to all others and is considered to be an essential product for protection against the airborne COVID-19 coronavirus.

In The beginning the main reason for this virus to quickly spread was due to fast crowded international air travel and from hundreds of thousands of people traveling together on cruise ships to multiple ports around the world.

It’s happening but it is also a huge mistake for Governments to allow people back to work in office buildings and into restaurants during this virus and the expected second wave of the virus is now infecting and killing many more people. When will this stop? We have no idea!

True honest experts look at this extremely contagious virus more like a Tsunami then a second wave because the waves of virus will continue to keep rolling in without drastic measures of social distancing between people wearing approved N95 or better face masks!

This is a matter of money being more important than human life and many people are not enlightened enough to realize and accept this URGENT fact!

This now proven airborne virus is so bad Infected people are infecting many others in everyday public areas such as Walmart stores, churches and restaurants even when they are six feet or more away from each other because the virus is now without question being spread through A/C systems and ductwork! THIS ADDS A HUGE DIMENSION TO THIS EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS AND ITS NOT GOOD AT ALL!

A huge problem is that many infected people have no idea that they are carrying this highly contagious virus because the incubation period to make them actually feel sick is between 5-14 days and sometimes longer!

This is the key reason that the virus can and will continue to easily spread while infecting many others in a very short period of time! 

Now is the best time for families, churches and businesses that include doctor and dentist offices that often come in contact with many other people to develop an extremely strong plan to take urgent and important measures to protect themselves, employees, patients and others from being infected by this COVID-19 Coronavirus and other contagious viruses.

For business and office indoor environments this plan should include wearing N95 face masks, washing their hands often with soap and water, staying 6 feet or more away from others in public and by keeping the home or business indoor air quality clean and sanitized of any and all strains of airborne viruses that can make its way into the home or any building’s indoor environment.

NOTE: Homemade masks are better than nothing but still not safe enough to depend on!

Churches, synagogues and other houses of worship should totally cut off all masses and services until it is actually safe to bring people together again! Especially when masses and services can be done virtually online to keep people safe!

Just wearing a mask is not good enough for people in close quarters in houses of worship and this fact has already been proven due to many infections and deaths from people that did go to mass in churches and services in mosques and synagogues!   

Safer indoor air quality in homes and businesses can be accomplished by utilizing high quality 100 percent sealed room HEPA air purifiers that include a powerful germicidal non-ozone producing (UV) ultraviolet light system.

This UV light system must be strong enough to quickly destroy any airborne virus that includes different germ strains of the influenza (flu) and COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

 It is important to place one HEPA UV air purifier into each needed bedroom or office area and one HEPA UV air purifier unit into the family room, meeting room or retail space up to 1500 square feet.

Please know that the smaller the room is the higher the air exchange rate per hour will be for even better air cleaning and sanitizing ability!  

         THE ANSWER

We have found that only the (Made In Canada) Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifiers are the absolute best germicidal HEPA air purifiers on the market to destroy the contagious COVID-19 Coronavirus, any other airborne virus, bacteria or mold spore!

As per the WHO (World Health Organization) published information this air purifier is very important to have as an essential product for protection from the airborne COVID-19 Coronavirus and other influenza viruses!

This is because the the UV600 HEPA air purifiers are 100 percent sealed at both the HEPA filter and the case from leakage of dust, viruses, bacteria and mold spores back into the indoor air environment while operating.

      UV Dosage Needed To Destroy The Virus

URGENT NOTE: It takes 6,600 micro-watts sec/cm2 to destroy the Coronavirus

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier includes a powerful medical grade 100 percent non ozone producing 23 watt ultraviolet bulb that is rated at a dose of 30,000 micro-watts sec/cm2.

This powerful UV dosage is strong enough to quickly destroy any type of airborne virus, bacteria or mold spores that enters into this air purifier! 

The UV light system is located in the middle of the UV600 HEPA air purifier filter chamber so the high dosage of ultraviolet light can reach and hit the entire intake sides of the HEPA filter.

This provides the best kill ratio of biological contaminants located in the airflow going through the air purifier.

The Airpura UV600 HEPA air purifier also includes a full 18 pounds of activated carbon that will adsorb and remove out-gassing chemicals and odors for a period of up to two years before the carbon needs to be changed out.

The HEPA filter does not need to be replaced for 5-6 years and the powerful UV lamp should be replaced once every 18 months to keep up the full level of UV microwatt dosage to destroy biological contaminants that include airborne coronaviruses, all strains of influenza flu viruses, bacteria and mold spores!

               Stay Safe And Be Healthy! 

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