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TRACS HEPA Air Purifier

My name is Barry Cohen and I have been an indoor air quality expert since 1989. I keep up with the newest cutting edge technologies and I am very particular about the HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners I choose to sell to my many customers. This review will explain why the TRACS HEPA air purifier (Made In The USA) is superior to the other HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners on the market.

The world we live in is quickly changing in an alarming way by producing increased environmental health hazards and challenge’s brought on from indoor air quality harboring antibiotic resistant viruses, toxic molds, toxic chemical out gassing and biological contaminants! Now we are facing radioactive fallout dust exposure from Japans Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster that is spewing radiation into the air that has already via the jet stream landed across the entire United States to contaminate our air, water, and food! The airborne dangers must be dealt with by avoidance of these contaminants with air filtration systems both in the home and business indoor air environments.

There are many different types and brands of air purifiers and air cleaners on the market. Most of these units are of low quality. They contain very little carbon if any at all in order to remove odors and out-gassing chemicals from the air and they have a very low rate of air exchange per hour even in small rooms. The great majority of these air purifiers and air cleaners are being exported into the USA from China. These Chinese units and others that include HEPA filtered air purifiers and air cleaners are not 100 percent sealed as they should be and they allow a large amounts of contaminants to leak around their filters and cases only to blow back into the indoor air environment to be breathed by the people and pets in the area’s that need to be kept clean.

TRACS HEPA Air Purifier Overview

The TRACS is without question the best on the market, however, there are a handful of other high-quality HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air cleaners on the market. These include the Austin Air Healthmates. EZ Air HEPA air cleaners and the D-2100 HEPA air purifiers. We also sell all of these units, they are of high quality and have different advantages over the many other air purifiers and air cleaners on the market.
We have tested and reviewed dozens and dozens of the many air purifiers and air cleaners on the market and so far ONLY THE TRACS HEPA AIR PURIFIER WITH ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT SYSTEM PASS ALL THE REQUIREMENTS FOR WHAT WE FEEL IS THE BEST ALL AROUND HEPA AIR PURIFIER.

Here Is Why The TRACS Is The Best HEPA Air Purifier On The Market!

But First—If you are searching for a top quality HEPA air purifier that covers everything you could possibly need for dust, allergy and asthma control with the added ability to kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores, the TRACS HEPA air purifier (MADE IN THE USA) is the unit for you!

We have placed many of our TRACS HEPA air purifiers in hospital rooms and doctors offices worldwide to protect both patients and employees from viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other airborne allergens. Because of the need for an air purifier that included an ultraviolet light system to kill biological pathogens, TRACS HEPA air purifiers are used to protect people going through chemotherapy, organ transplants, stem cell transplants and bone marrow transplants!

The United States Federal Government including NIH (The National Institutes Of Health in Virginia use our units and the people that operate the EPA Building in Washington DC have purchased multiple TRACS HEPA air purifiers from us to clean the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their basement office spaces and to benefit and protect their employees.

Police departments place our TRACS HEPA air purifiers in their evidence rooms to remove chemical out gassing from drug laboratory equipment and to kill bacteria and toxic mold spores that become airborne from organic matter such as blood samples, soil and marijuana plants.

However the great majority of our TRACS units are sold every day for dust, allergy and asthma control to protect families and pets in their homes and employees in office buildings! TRACS HEPA air purifiers are commonly placed in people’s bedrooms family rooms and office spaces.

The TRACS HEPA air purifier’s powerful 250 CFM four-speed motor is super quiet! The Decibel range is from 20.8 to 58 DB’s. The sturdy 20 gauges steel case of the TRACS does not out-gas any chemicals, as it is electro statically powder-coated and not painted.

Both the case and filtration system in the TRACS is 100 percent sealed so absolutely no dust or allergens can leak back into the air to breathe and react to! The TRACS HEPA air purifier will pass a ZERO laser particle count test at an efficiency of 99.99 percent for particles down to .3 microns in size. (See The Video) and each HEPA filter is individually tested and certified to meet its 99.99 % efficiency and .3 micron standards. The high-quality HEPA filter in the TRACS will last 5-6 years on average and is very inexpensive to replace.

Each TRACS HEPA air purifier includes three 3 1/2 pound activated carbon/zeolite blend pre-filters that do an incredible job of removing odors and out-gassing chemicals from your indoor air for an entire year. The pre-filters are also very inexpensive to replace.

The ultraviolet light system in the TRACS includes two medical grade non-ozone producing UV lamps that together equal 18,415 Micro Watts, which are able to kill many different kinds and strains of biological contaminants including drug-resistant viruses, bacteria and mold spores! The TRACS has the great advantage of owning the one and only USA patent design of having the UV lamps shine and point into the intake side of the HEPA filter! This Is Very Important and NO OTHER AIR PURIFIER CAN DO THIS! The reasonably priced ultraviolet lamp bulbs only need to be replaced every 18 months.

TRACS HEPA Air Purifiers are extremely user-friendly! All replacement parts are easily accessible through one panel on the back of the unit! Easy to turn thumb screws are provided so no tools are necessary to access any replacement part.

Other Specifications Include:

Size—–15”X15” dayX 22”
Weight—-45 pounds
Power Consumption——-115 watts on high speed
Average Power Usage—–$35.00 per year withdays24 hour a day usage
Colors—-Sandstone, Off White & Black
Easy To Push Caster Wheels

Each TRACS Unit Has A Full Five Year Factory Warranty
Thank you for reading this report to help you choose the best HEPA air purifier that will best fit your direct needs. For more information TRACS HEPA air purifiers with ultraviolet (UV) light systems, please see the website at or for a FREE indoor air quality consultation you may call Barry Cohen the owner at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324.